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Seek and Ye Shall Find December 7, 2006

Posted by harmon in Articles.

Let me begin this Article with a brief excerpt from a book I am currently compiling. The book is an effort to share with the world some things that my home ministry (Family Outreach Ministries) has learned about the mysteries of the bible. We at FOM believe that God shares with his people certain revelations when the time is right. Therefore we put a strong emphasis on the fact that people should not base their entire existence around a man-made doctrine. A mind that limits the possibilities of life is unable to receive revelation. Instead we encourage that people keep an open mind—not a gullible mind, but a mind willing to except what God places on your heart.

This is not an attempt to promote any one church, or any one religion. As believers in Christ, we are all equal; no man is above the other. The purpose of this book is not to condemn. It will no doubt stir controversy. New discoveries usually do, and it isn’t until after the “newness” wears off that it finally begins to make its place in society. Yes—controversy is expected, for the purpose of this book is to motivate you to think.The act of “thinking” is a curious issue. People think all the time, and all the time strange ideas pop into our heads. If they are too strange to be accepted, we simply excuse them. Sometimes, though, a strange idea will make its way beyond the brain and to the body’s outlets. Here it will be released unto the world through either words or actions.Where do these thoughts come from? No doubt some of them come from God. It is only human to suppose that a percent of the thoughts from God never make it beyond our outlets.

One must wonder what those thoughts would have produced had they made it further than consideration. Yes, we thought them strange at the time they flashed across our minds, but could that be because we were not used to such ideas? To an alien, perhaps, the thoughts would have made perfect sense. Are we not, by our sins, alien to God?

I believe that thought is the key to redemption. If we do not consider the improbable how on earth are we supposed to expand our knowledge, to grow and to learn new things? It is a fact that people have sin in their lives. Are we to honestly say that we know all there is to know, regardless of this burden we bear? God knows all; he created all. We know very little because we bind ourselves to the ways of sin.

If you are to embark on this journey with us—this journey into the mysteries of the bible—you must first open your mind to the possibility that you—your church, your religion, everything you was brought up on—may not know everything that God would have you know. An open mind receives revelation. Whereas a closed mind receives only what it wants to receive. Note: an open mind will often find it hard to “want” to receive a revelation. It will often buckle and clash before it finally decides to accept.

What I am trying to say is, if this is the end days like a lot of people think, then the time for disclosure is at hand. Revelations in the bible talks about how Christians will fight the final war, using their faiths. Satan and his demons will attack with weapons such as hate, lust, and confusion. He will use physical weapons; anything that will hurt Christians and drive them to follow him. But Christians will fight with their faith in God. The bible says that a hedge of protection will surround God’s people and nothing the devil can do will penetrate this hedge. In the end, God will have won the war, and Satan will be thrown down the bottomless pit.

My new novel To the Ends of the Earth talks about this scenario. And the thing that stuck out to me while I was writing the book is that people need to start learning how to control faith in a physical form. I believe that soon God’s people will know how to move objects with their mind, how to survive even the deadliest situations, how to fly, how to breath underwater, how to communicate one-to-one with God without sinful interference. Indeed we people were put down here on earth to be the masters of earth; why should we be limited by the laws of physics?

The law of physics is a curious idea to consider. According to evolution scientists the universe could not have “just been created”. It happened when chemicals in space (it never occurred to them to consider: now where did these chemicals come from?) accumulated, causing a big bang that swirled round itself and formed all of life as we know it. Dear friend, according to physics, God does not even exist, so who says “physics” can not be broken? (Think: did Jesus not walk on water? Did he not heal the blind, make the deaf to hear, the mute to speak? Could he not raise the dead?)

The first step to receiving revelation, as I have said, is to have an open mind. We can not expect to learn the things that God would have us know (things that will be learned before the last battle, mind you) if we are not willing to accept that we do not know everything. It is utterly impossible.

So I encourage you to consider where you stand with God. Are you limiting his capabilities? Do you truly believe that your doctrine includes everything God would have you know?

I’m not saying that Doctrine is a bad thing. I’m stating that placing one’s hopes, desires, and beliefs on an idea that opposes God’s own commandments and ways is dangerous. Search for clues in the bible that identify God’s true ways. It is simple: if your religion does not correspond with the true ways of God, then there is obviously something wrong. Just by you looking, you are opening a door for acceptance. With time and a little more effort, revelations will start coming to you. Who knows: you may be the first one to discover how to control faith in the physical world!

Seek and ye shall find. Limit and the world will be limited unto you.



1. A curious reader - January 21, 2008

“The law of physics is a curious idea to consider. According to evolution scientists the universe could not have “just been created”. It happened when chemicals in space (it never occurred to them to consider: now where did these chemicals come from?) accumulated, causing a big bang that swirled round itself and formed all of life as we know it.”

Evolution scientists don’t try to explain how the earth began. Only how living organisms progressed to their current state. Abiogenesis is the study of how life began, and it has nothing to do with evolution.

Just thought I’d share

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